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Intelligently optimize business decisions at every level to get the results you want from your traffic.

About GoodMeasure

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GoodMeasure is a SaaS platform uses machine learning to put the power of an office full of statisticians and engineers into one simple, flexible tool that anyone can use. Intelligently optimize business decisions at every level to get the results you want from your traffic.
GoodMeasure’s dynamic online decisioning engine allows you to make changes in minutes through custom Javascript, CSS, and back-end configurations based on your traffic’s GoodMeasure score, geolocation, and any additional fields specific to your data needs. Using GoodMeasure’s online decisioning engine, GoodMeasure Logic, you can alter the flow of your website, block lower quality traffic, and inject JavaScript or CSS based on rules both simple and complex. You can also drive back-end configurations. The intelligent design of the GoodMeasure online decisioning engine makes it possible to integrate into an existing product within a matter of minutes.

Why We Made GoodMeasure

Before GoodMeasure
  • The measures used to calculate our traffic scores were a mystery and worse, the scores were inaccurate.
  • Changes to business logic took multiple engineers full days to complete.
After GoodMeasure
  • We’ve positively transformed our score accuracy and are able to control any and every factor affecting our scores.
  • We’ve used GoodMeasure Logic to shift business logic changes from engineering to business users and reduced the time necessary for changes from hours to minutes.
  • We’ve increased stability by reducing the margin of error.

Who Can Benefit from GoodMeasure

Any company or individual relying on site traffic and user experience for growth and revenue can benefit from GoodMeasure. GoodMeasure’s capabilities allow users to effortlessly evaluate millions of unique site visitors each day and gain dynamic control over the site experience. With GoodMeasure, you can easily access complex business logic that is often buried deep within code or configuration files, and quickly adapt to and change workflows. Examples of potential use cases include:
  • Affiliate programs can use GoodMeasure to find fraudulent traffic and route it to a blank page.
  • E-commerce sites can use GoodMeasure to show users different products based on location, previous site interaction, or other factors.
  • Lead generators can use GoodMeasure to customize forms to maximize conversion.
  • Media companies can use GoodMeasure to A/B test article layouts.
  • Media buyers can use GoodMeasure to rotate between a number of landing pages and auto-optimize based on outcome.
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